Mr. Patrick Maynard
Head of School

The Lutheran High School of San Antonio is the fastest growing Lutheran school in the United States and also the fastest growing private high school in San Antonio. This year, we serve over 130 high school students.

I have great respect for the parents who choose to send their children to our school. The financial sacrifices they make to ensure their children are in an exemplary school are admirable. Our parents realize that the investment they make in their child’s spiritual, academic, and extra-curricular lives will have an impact that will last a lifetime – and into eternity. LHS is a safe, outstanding school. We are not simply a private school; we are a CHRISTian school. Daily, students learn about and experience the love and grace that God has for us through our Savior Jesus Christ.

96 percent of our high school’s graduates enroll in college. As a college preparatory school, LHS takes a very different approach to preparing our students.  Our goal is not only that they go to college, but that they attend the right college for them.  We work extremely hard to help students go to a school where they will have continued success for the next 4 to 5 years.  Many schools focus on just a few colleges, LHS focuses on our students and who they are to find the right school.

We believe that student involvement on campus after school is a vital part of the Lutheran HS experience.  90 percent of our students participate in at least one club or sport on campus. Our school offers choir, band, drama, football, volleyball, cross country, golf, cheerleading, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, track, and swimming. Additionally, many clubs and activities, which are located under the “LHS Experience” tab on our homepage, exist for our High School students.  LHS clubs and activities are always adding more opportunities because they are all student led and designed.  We believe that our Mustangs will be great future leaders because of the opportunities they have to engage in what they are interested in.

While stats are impressive, it’s the stories of the lives that have been changed, enriched, and blessed that inspire families from around our great city of San Antonio to be a part of the Lutheran High School community.  We love welcoming new families into the Mustang Family!

We invite you to visit our dynamic campus at any time. God has richly blessed us since our beginning in 1995. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. These are indeed exciting times to be a part of Lutheran High School. We have deep respect for our school’s history and look to the future with great excitement as plans to expand our campus are already underway.

God bless you, and God bless Lutheran High School!