The Arts have always had a strong tradition at Lutheran High School.

The Fine Arts encompass a variety of opportunities for students to express their creativity! All students need at least one credit of a Fine Art to fulfill graduation requirements. At LHSSA that means students can choose from Choir, Band, Art, or Drama. While only one credit is required, many of our students enjoy a change of pace during the school day as they explore their talents and gifts over all four years through continued involvement with the Fine Arts.



Band and Choir have continued to enjoy a high level of performance over the years at both district and state level TAPPS events. Both groups also have the opportunity to perform at different times throughout the year. Along with the large group performances, students perform in solo or small groups at TAPPS events and during concerts!

Students not only work at perfecting their musical abilities but have the experience of performing in front of an audience which allows for growth in self-confidence and helps prepare students for working in performance based work


Art courses are designed to continually build on a student skills and are mainly studio oriented.

Students entering high school start with Art 1 – a hands on survey course designed to cover a variety of mediums including graphite, charcoal, pastels and oil pastels, colored pencil, graphic design, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture.
The following year a student may choose a 2D or 3D path – either Drawing 1 with Painting 1 OR Ceramics 1 with Sculpture 1. Both are more intensive looks at the idea of 2D or 3D with a variety of materials.
Students can then move on to level 2 of both courses or switch and change their focus for the next year.
As a senior, students can take Portfolio. Portfolio is designed as a student directed course where seniors with at least two previous years of art can explore an idea or media throughout the year!
Qualified art pieces are submitted to TAPPS State competition in the spring and eligible students have the opportunity to compete in on-site events. Overall, our art program is designed to take any student from where they currently are and move them forward!