COVID 19 Information

What is LHS doing to keep our students safe and healthy?

We want to do everything we can to keep our students healthy and safe and in school. We encourage students to get vaccinated. Students who are not vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask for their safety and those around them. 

What if I don’t feel well?

The expectation would be that students who have a fever, cough, or other symptoms that indicate a respiratory infection should stay home. Students may choose to learn from home, but they must be on camera and willing to participate in class. If you are too sick to be on camera, you are too ill to learn from home, and you will need to make up the work when you are feeling better. 

It will be critical that students and teachers who are feeling sick stay home and not risk infecting other individuals. If you feel unwell and have gone to the doctor and received a negative COVID test, you are encouraged to return to school. Wearing a mask at this point to avoid spreading even non-COVID germs is encouraged.  

Learning from Home

Students who are sick but able to learn from home will be required to have one device to be on camera and logged in to Google Meet and one device to work from. This could be your school-issued iPad and a cell phone, a  laptop, webcam…Students who are too sick to be on camera need to rest, recover, and return to school when ready. 

Any student who spends any part of the day learning at home needs to stay home and will not be eligible for extra-curricular activities. 

If you are feeling sick and need to stay home, please email or call the school office at before 7:30 am so that teachers can plan for online students to participate in classes for the day. 

We do not want students choosing to learn from on a regular basis. If a student is abusing the option to learn from home, we will need to have a discussion about the best educational plan going forward. 

Will LHS offer a full-time online option?

Currently, we are not planning on offering an online-only option. If this becomes a necessity for your family, please email or call Mr. Eickstead at 210-289-5723 so we can talk about this option and why it is necessary for your family. 

If this option is deemed necessary, the student will be online only and will lose the ability to participate in extracurricular activities. We will also ask students in this situation to learn from home for a certain period of time, not on a day-by-day basis. 

If a student is exposed to COVID

We want to ensure the safety of our students and keep kids in class and participating in the extracurricular activities that are a critical part of the high school maturation process. For this reason, we will be following a symptoms-based protocol if we have students test positive for Covid.

This means if a student tests positive for Covid those students who were in contact with the student do not need to automatically quarantine. They do need to monitor themselves for systems and we highly recommend a test to keep the spread of Covid to a minimum. 

If a student contracts COVID

If a student tests positive for COVID, they should remain at home for at least ten days after their symptoms first appeared and after being fever-free for 24 hours. 

Any family is required to notify the school if a student or family member tests positive for COVID to best isolate the case and minimize the spread. 

What if one student contracts COVID? Will the whole school go online?

Unless there is a significant breakout on campus (five or more students), we do not plan to go into an online-only platform. 

How did we come to these decisions?

We believe that kids need to be back in class returning to their lives to grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. We want all of our students to be healthy, and we will continue to take steps to make sure that is the case. Part of that health means them being able to return to a more normal academic experience. We encourage students who are not vaccinated or wish to be cautious to continue wearing masks and take health precautions such as frequent handwashing…

What about on-campus lunches?

We plan to return to lunch service as it was pre-COVID. This means bringing in food from outside sources and serving it to our students. Servers will be wearing masks and gloves as they pass out food. Students will eat in the cafeteria, gym, outside picnic tables, or selected classrooms if they are attending club meetings. This will help students have the chance to social distance during lunch while they eat. 

Will the students be serving lunches and how will they be serving food?

Students who will be serving lunches will go through basic food service training and wear masks and gloves the same way staff will be when they serve. 

Will Lutheran be social distancing?

One of the blessings of LHS is the small school environment. Most classes are small, and it is possible for students to social distance. Some classes are larger than others, but we have set up a schedule that allows for students to distance themselves in the classroom in most cases. 

We will also continue using the HEPA/UV light air filters purchased last summer to help keep clean air flowing in all classrooms. 

What are we doing about sports?

LHS student-athletes have been dealing with COVID for over a year now with minimal cases and virtually no cases transferring from one student to another. We will continue to apply appropriate protocols for athletes and coaches to minimize any virus spread.