COVID 19 Information


Lutheran High School will begin in-person, on-campus classes on Monday, August 17th. We have broken our student body into two pods to limit class size and student exposure. We are following the CDC and TEA recommendations and guidelines and listening to the voices we have heard over multiple surveys this summer. For those families who are not comfortable returning to in-person classes, we do have online options where students can tune in to classes in real-time from home. For more information, please email 

Arriving at school

Students will arrive at school either by being dropped off by their parents, driving themself to school, or by riding one of the school provided shuttles from Concordia or Shepherd fo the Hills. 

Students riding the shuttle will have their temperatures taken before boarding and will also be asked to use school-provided hand sanitizer before they board. 

All students will be receiving an email each morning with a few COVID related questions to answer. Students who are feeling at all ill, please choose to stay home and attend class online until you are feeling better. Students who need to stay home but are able to attend class online will not be counted as absent. 

Entry to campus

When students arrive on campus they will proceed through the front entrance of the main building and have their temperature taken and conduct a smell test. The scratch and sniff sticker will then be placed on the student as their ticket to first period. This will help us know that each student went through the proper protocol before entering the campus. 

Once students have arrived on campus and completed the entrance protocol. They will proceed to the gym, to a teacher’s classroom to get academic help, or to their first-period class. Teachers will follow the same protocol as students upon their arrival on campus, and will list their names on the gym door as they arrive so that students will know which classrooms are open. 

Any students or staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 are required to stay home for the day. Students can attend class online from home, and staff can teach from home if they are feeling well enough to do so. Substitute teachers are on standby to monitor students in on-campus classes should a staff member need to stay home. 

It will take a strong partnership between families and the LHS faculty to keep the on-campus option available. Parents, please be diligent partners in screening your student for symptoms before sending them to school each day. 


In accordance with the CDC guidance for re-opening schools, Lutheran High School will be requiring students, faculty, and all visitors to campus to wear a mask while on campus. This includes when students are moving between classes and during class time. 

Social Distancing and Pods

Lutheran High School has broken our school up into two Pods. Pod A will have the opportunity to be on campus Mondays and Wednesdays and Pod B will have the opportunity to be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays. All students will be online on Fridays. 

Having two separate pods allows for more social distancing in class and keeping students in separate pods helps reduce the number of people any individual is exposed to. 

What if someone gets sick?

If a student of faculty member shows symptoms of COVID 19, they will need to stay home until they test negative for COVID 19. For students, this means a move to online learning. For teachers, this means teaching from home while students are supervised in class with a substitute teacher. 

Decisions about whether to move the entire school to online learning if a student or faculty member becomes infected will be made with the help of local health care professionals. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Lutheran High School is setting up hand sanitizing stations in each classroom and at key points around campus. COVID 19 transmission occurs mainly through droplets that are expelled when we cough, sneeze, or talk, but the virus also can live on surfaces. For this reason, students will be wiping down their desk area at the end of each class before they leave, and again when they take their seats for the next class. 

High touch surfaces like doorknobs will be cleaned regularly, and a sanitizing fogger will be used to disinfect large areas such as classrooms and hallways. 

We will be promoting air circulation by propping exterior doors open in between classes, leaving classroom doors open during class, and installing upgraded air filters in our AC systems as well as extra UV air filters in classrooms. 


At the beginning of the school year, all students will need to bring their own lunch. Students may spread out in the cafeteria, gym, outside picnic tables, and classrooms so that they are properly distanced from each other. Maximizing social distancing during lunch will be critical as this is the main time during the day when students will need to remove their masks in order to eat. 


Sports seasons have been pushed back, and students have been placed in pods to try and group teams together as much as possible. Maintaining social distance whenever possible will be critical and athletes will need to work together to take precautionary measures both on the court and off the court in order for us to have successful athletic seasons this year. 

Clubs and Activities

Clubs such as robotics, FCA, and other student-driven organizations will continue to meet both in-person and online.

COVID Case on Campus

When there is a confirmed case on campus all level one contact points (highly probable close proximity acquaintances) will be asked to either quarantine for a minimum of ten days or wait the proper amount of time (5-8 days) and return to school after testing negative for COVID-19. A copy of the test result must be presented to the school office before the student can return to campus or school activities. This standard will also be applied to all teams, clubs, and other school activities.