Christian Worldview

  • Lutheran Schools are thoroughly Christ-centered, evangelical, and Bible based – committed to planting and nurturing a Christian worldview in students’ lives, lifestyles, and hearts.
  • Lutheran Schools pursue and offer excellence and quality.
  • Lutheran Schools focus on a holistic style of education.  They focus not only on the academic and athletic but also the spiritual and psychological development of their students.

Stable, Large, Experienced, Successful

  • The Lutheran School system reaches over 288,000 students nationwide.
  • The Lutheran School system is the largest Protestant school system in the United States. There are over 2,526 preschools, elementary and middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries that make up LCMS schools nationwide.
  • The Lutheran School system operates 130 high schools across the nation.
  • The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod operates 10 high quality liberal arts universities across the nation — Concordia University-Texas is just north of us in Austin!  These universities prepare students not just for making a living, but more importantly for “making a life” that makes a difference for Christ.  The Concordia’s produce graduates in fields such as business, nursing and pre-med, education, engineering and so much more.

Academically Excellent

  • Lutheran school students test 23% higher than the national average on standard achievement tests.
  • Average SAT/ACT test scores of students attending Lutheran high schools are well above the national average. Students in Lutheran schools at every grade level, and especially in middle school and high school, have more developmental assets than students in public schools, according to Search Institute.

Higher Education Equipped

  • Lutheran High School of San Antonio has  top performing classes and clubs in anti-cyber terrorism and robotics.
  • 43 dual credit/AP courses are available through NATIONALLY accredited universities and the Advanced Placement program.
  • 96% college acceptance rate
  • LHS focuses on helping teach student how to think, not what to think.

Christ-centered and Mission Minded

  • Since our schools are “mission outposts,” sharing the love of Christ is central to everything we do and say.   Our faith is integrated across the curriculum.  As a result, many children are baptized and many families join congregations and become active in the life of the church.