The Lutheran Mustang Athletic Program follows the lead of Lutheran High School of San Antonio, our overall Academic Institution.

Our coaching staff dedicates itself to helping our athletes achieve excellence in all areas, and to do so to the best of their ability within a Christian perspective.

Love: Lutheran High School loves our athletes and expects them to show love to each other and the coaching staff as God has commanded us to do, despite our sinful nature.  Members of our teams are treated like family.

Respect: We show respect to all, including our teammates, our coaches, opponents, opposing fans, game officials, faculty, staff, etc.

Integrity: We are honest and fair by striving to do what is right in any situation.  We work as hard as we can to be successful, but we do not take shortcuts or use inappropriate actions to achieve personal gain.

Perseverance: With the help of God, we compete to the best of our ability without giving up. When we are faced with challenges, obstacles, or what may appear to be insurmountable odds, we continue to “fight the good fight.” Failure only comes from not getting back up and trying again.

Involved: We are actively involved in practices and games, as well as in our classes and our community.  We are not “passive observers” but rather active participants and fierce competitors.

Servant Heart: We look for opportunities to help those around us.  We realize that there is a world outside of ourselves and continually strive to make a positive impact on others in all we do.  We look for ways to serve our classmates, teammates and others, our brothers and sisters.

Being an athlete and being part of a team at Lutheran High School is an integral part of the educational process.  Athletic involvement and competition help to create well-rounded Christian student-athletes and well-rounded citizens who will continue to make positive contributions to society.

Finally, we commit ourselves to be followers of Jesus Christ and the sacrificial example of Grace He gave us through his death and resurrection.  We are thankful and praise God for this opportunity to be witnesses of his saving Grace to all with whom we come in contact.