Why Lutheran Education?

I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. – Genesis 12:2

Why Lutheran High School does what it does…

We challenge how education has always been done so our results are more dramatic. We believe all students can be leaders, innovators, and difference makers. The reason LHS is not interested in education’s status quo is because we know when students are challenged with customized college prep curriculum and the most advanced classroom tools they dramatically develop. We’re proud of all of our alumni and have watched them become leaders in a vast number of organizations and industries. They’re changing San Antonio, the state of Texas, and beyond in disciplines such as medicine, engineering, marine biology, pharmacy, urban farming, and churches.

Lutheran High School is not just a school, but it’s a learning environment that inspires students to become well-rounded leaders who help build our community and are committed to family and Christian ethics. Our leaders make the greatest impact not by what they know, but by the way they share what they know. It’s a blessing to be able to talk about God and find answers to those personal questions with which we sometime struggle.

Lutheran High School is committed to developing student leaders in the classroom, church and community. We turn out many of San Antonio’s top student leaders, and we know that wouldn’t happen without creating a more challenging educational experience.

We Provide Students & Families With A Unique Experience

Lutheran Schools Make a Difference that Matters

Reliable statistical research* from a study of people who attended Lutheran schools reveals that they…

1) report more frequent experiences with the Lord in their personal lives

2) exhibit a more consistent belief in Jesus

3) profess a greater clarity on the way of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone

4) display more Biblical knowledge

5) engage in a fuller devotional life

6) do more witnessing to others about Jesus

7) have a greater awareness of the presence of the Lord in one’s whole life

8) give a higher value to relationships with Christ and other persons

9) show more reasonable respect for authority

10) live out stronger tendencies to be forgiving and personally forthright with other people

11) evidence greater avoidance of over-simplistic views (such as viewing complex social issues as more than mere power struggles)

12) reveal less tendency to be anxious about life and their faith

13) are less swayed by their peers

ï         The research also proved that the more years a person attended a Lutheran school, the more significant the difference became.

* Milo Brekke, How Different Are People Who Attended Lutheran Schools; based on data compiled by Youth Research Center

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