Team Sidney

Team Sidney

Sometimes, it’s about more than basketball.  That was the case last Wednesday, as the Lutheran Mustangs took on the Great Hearts Lions in a non-district basketball game at Lutheran High School.  The Mustangs wore garnet and gray, and the Lions wore navy blue and white, but almost every fan in the stands wore purple, in honor of Great Hearts player Sidney Roberts.  

Sidney was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer and has been going through chemotherapy treatments, making him unable to compete this year on the basketball court.  When Lutheran Coach Bruce Biedinger found out about Sidney, who happens to be friends with several Mustangs, he decided that his team needed to help. They organized a “Purple Out” and encouraged fans to wear purple, the color of testicular cancer awareness ribbons.  Parents of Mustang basketball players generously donated food and their time to help out.  

During the game, Purple Plate meals were sold, along with t-shirts, suckers, and bracelets, with all proceeds benefiting the Roberts family.  At halftime, fans could donate $5 for a chance to make a half-court shot and win half of the money raised. Lutheran High School Junior Skye Gomez made his shot, then selflessly donated his winnings to the family.  At the end of the evening, over $1600 was raised, all in honor of Sidney, who would rather have been out on the court playing basketball than garnishing so much attention.  

The Mustangs ended up winning the game 74-49.  At the end of the game, both teams and all of the fans gathered for a purple picture.  Because sometimes, it’s about more than basketball.  

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