San Antonio Lutheran Online Update Monday, March 23rd

San Antonio Lutheran Online Update Monday, March 23rd

Online Learning Update March 23rd, 2020

Parents and students we would like to begin by sharing some online learning best practices. 

  1. Be dressed and ready to go before class. You don’t have to be in school dress code, but please make sure you are presentable and ready to learn.  
  2. Keep yourself on mute when you are not talking to keep feedback and background noise down in the Zoom room. Then simply unmute yourself when you are ready to share with the class. 
  3. Remember the late policy. We will really be enforcing that starting this week. It is imperative that teachers are able to spend time creating lessons, assessing work, and meeting with students. We cannot spend the bulk of our time tracking down late work. This is a great opportunity for us all to double down on personal responsibility.  
  4. Be prepared for class with all your materials. Whether this is a live class or you are tuning in to recorded lectures, make sure you have materials to take notes and a space that will help you be productive. Working in your bed all day long or in a space with lots of distractions will not help you do your best. 
  5. Be in constant contact with your teachers. We cannot emphasize this enough. A great many problems are solved with constant interaction. This is a great lesson in the importance of visiting professors during office hours. Take advantage of this opportunity to hone your college readiness skills. 
  6. Don’t push off work till midnight. First, assignments turned in at 12:01 will be late, even if you started attaching them at 11:58 and they took three minutes to upload. Second, going over all your work for the day before 1:00 pm allows you to ask questions about that work during the scheduled office hours. If you wait until after 1:00 to start on work, and then have a question that doesn’t get answered, your work will be late, and your grade will suffer. 
  7. Visit the Zoom rooms during office hours and use the video option. If it is scary for you to utilize technology in this way, find a friend and have them log in at the same time. Teachers are making themselves available to you during this time, so please take advantage of it. After 3:00 teachers will still try to answer questions or emails, but we also have families that need our attention. Use the time we have set aside for our students and let us maximize our ability to help you. 

One thing we will be trying this week is a few more classes having live class sessions. If you are in Mrs. Santory’s class, Mrs. Urban’s class, or Mr. Schuetze’s class you should have received an email about these meeting times. The hope is that by adding this once a week real-time meeting we can keep a human connection and help the teaching and learning process. If this trial works out well this week, we will roll it out to more classes next week. 

While this is not the way that we would have thrust this opportunity on our students, one thing that we Lutheran High School students have the chance to do right now is preparing for the autonomy that a college learning environment allows. This is great “grow-up” time, take advantage of the opportunities to embrace personal responsibility in a way that can benefit you in college and for the rest of your life. 

Students who are have not turned in work from last week can expect a call from Mr. Maynard today. We do not want you to fall behind in your classes as it will be extra hard to catch up in this distance learning environment.  

We will have another parent meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th at 6:00 pm. The Zoom details are: 

Topic: SALO Zoom Meeting #2 for Parents

Time: Mar 24, 2020 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 922 104 832

We will discuss some of the information above as well as gather some data for a survey about prom, senior trip, and graduation. 

Finally, Lutheran High School will be online through April 3rd and we will continue to monitor the situation and announce our plan as soon as we can be based on the information available.