San Antonio Lutheran Online Information

San Antonio Lutheran Online Information

Dear Lutheran High School Family,

After two days of faculty training, we are excited to send out this update. Classes will begin tomorrow in a VERY different environment. As we make this transition, I want you all to realize that LHS is more than academics. Our goal during this time is to keep our relational and faith components as the foundation of our school.  Many places are solely focusing on academics, but education at Lutheran High School is so much more.

Next week we will have our first online chapel and chapel families from 12:15-12:45 on Thursday the 26th of March. PARENTS you are welcome to be a part of our chapel time. It will be a short devotion and then we will put the students into their chapel families in a Zoom breakout room. Teachers are going to use Zoom for breakout meetings and office hours. We can use Zoom to keep our kids connected as well in a “Virtual Hangout”.

Parents, I know that your heads must be spinning about how to use Zoom and what do you, as a parent, need to know.  With that in mind, Mr. Eickstead and I will host a Zoom meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday the 18th, from 6-6:30. Mr. Eickstead will email you a link to be a part of it.  Don’t worry…we are all going to learn and grow from this.

With all this technology being used, glitches will happen. Technology is never fun to have to solely rely on. When a student or teacher has an issue, GRACE and PATIENCE will be extremely important as we navigate these uncharted waters. I know that there is so much worry right now.  As we do this more, it will improve each day.  Mrs. Moritz will be in the school office from 900am – 2:00 pm every day to support and direct people. Mr. Eickstead is going to be ready to help from a technology standpoint. Mr. Sanders will support you from a “My student is not working” standpoint. As there are other frustrations, I am here to do anything I can to help. I am kind of a catch-all in my role as head of school.

A normal day will be much more flexible for most students.  AP classes will still have scheduled live class times.

  • AP US History and English 4 meet at 8:00 am.

  • AP English 3 will be held at 9:00.

  • AP Calculus will be held at 10:00.

  • Finally, AP Physics will meet at 11:00.

These students will use a Zoom meeting to conduct live classes. The rest of our classes will be held via recorded video and work that can be done during the day when convenient. Students have daily work that needs to be completed, but with students needing to take on responsibilities at home, LHS leadership felt that flexibility was a must overall. We want to encourage students to work on classwork earlier in the day.  Teachers will be available for tutoring/office hours from 1:00 – 3:00 in the afternoon. Parents, please reach out to teachers via email if you need a meeting.  Zoom works great for that as well.

It is essential that student work is turned in on time.  LHS is now implementing a uniformed LATE homework policy.  When a teacher gives an assignment that is not due until the next day

or longer time frame, assignments are expected to be turned in on time at the due date.  If an assignment is a day late, it will be 10% off of your earned grade, two days late will be 20% off, three days late 30%, and anything beyond that will receive a 0%. It is imperative that students stay up to date with homework.  Students will have homework every day and in every class.  Do not be fooled if they tell you they have nothing to do. Also, your student’s attendance is graded on a short assessment each day in all classes. Make sure they keep up with those assessments as well.

Teacher Zoom links will be posted in every teacher’s google classroom. The Zoom app should be loaded onto the students’ iPads.  If a student does not have the application, please email Mr. Eickstead and he will work to resolve the issue. If there is any other issue with the Zoom application or Google Classroom, email the teacher, Mr. Eickstead, and myself. Please have students email in the morning for any type of technical help. Please have your students check their email on a VERY regular basis.

Students, I implore you to stay safe! I know that it will be frustrating at times to stay home, but if we are to weather this storm as quickly as possible, we must all do our part.  We care about you, your future, and your family around you.  Take some of this time to realize the blessing that your families are. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call me 512-851-7164. I cannot wait to tease you all when we can return to campus.  You are all in my prayers.


Patrick Maynard