Mustang Robotics Teams Perform Well In League Championship

Mustang Robotics Teams Perform Well In League Championship

The League Championship for San Antonio Area Robotics were held this past weekend at Lutheran High School. Private and public school teams from around the San Antonio and South Texas area converged at LHS for the League Championship with hopes of advancing on to the FTC Championship in Austin, Texas in February. LHS had three teams that competed with their own unique robots, including the school’s first all girls team.

Team 6407 consisting of David Richardson, Douglas Young, Cosmo Flores-Kinney, and Dom West were the number one seed after the qualifying rounds and were the winning alliance captain after the semi finals and final rounds. This alliance put up the highest scores of the day twice during the elimination rounds. They also earned the Control Award from the judges for their engineering notebook which included a detailed report of their programming and use of sensors on the robot. Being the winning alliance captain, earned them the second of three advancements from the league to the Alamo FTC Championship.

Team 6407 consisting of Domonique Richardson, Sarah Dawson, Gia Lewis, Abby Easley, Lyndsie Robare, and Kylan Perry ended up low in the qualifying round ranking and did not get invited to join an alliance for the elimination rounds. Their robot worked the best that it has all season. They did earn the Motivate Judge Award for all of the outreach efforts to spread the mission and vision of FIRST.  They were also the 3rd place Inspire Award winner. The inspire award is a team that has done the full body of work of FTC. They have a good robot design, they submitted a quality engineering section of their notebook and put in numerous and high quality outreach efforts. The third place Inspiration Award earned them the first of 2 spots from our league at the San Antonio FTC Wild Card Qualifier. If they do well at that event, they could advance to the Alamo FTC Championship!


Team 4549 consisting Gavin Trott, Daniel Quan, Dustin Marshall, Justin Lawitz, and Liam Bryan were the 6th seed after qualifying rounds. They were picked to join the 3rd seed alliance and lost in a hard fought and evenly matched first to win 2 semifinals. They lost the third match of the semi final in one of the highest scoring matches of the day.


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