Help Parents and LHS – Pay it forward

Help Parents and LHS – Pay it forward

Dear Mustang Family, 

Easter grace and peace be with you! 

I hope and pray this communication finds you and your family safe and healthy during this unique time. I would like to share a quick update on ministry at Lutheran High School and then make a request of our amazing Mustang family. 

Within 3 days of transitioning from our standard model of in-person education at our physical campus, our outstanding team of educators was up and running, teaching students virtually. God is good and has helped us navigate this transition with minimal impact on the important ministry and education to our students. 

In just 5 short weeks, we will conclude the school year. It will be a different 4th quarter than any in our school’s history. Students and families, especially our seniors, will not soon forget the first half of 2020. It will certainly be memorable. 

None of us would have chosen to spend the Spring of 2020 this way. For some of us this is a significant inconvenience. For a portion of our students and families, this event may be life-changing as they are being impacted negatively through the loss of jobs or temporary business closures. We would like to support these families the best we can during this challenging experience. 

Now for the request. Many of us will soon receive some sort of stimulus check from the U.S. Government. Some families will need this income just to stay afloat. Others may need at least a portion of the funds, and there are those who may be able to use these funds to help those who have suffered a negative impact on their family income or employment situations. 

I would like to ask people in our Mustang family who are able, to prayerfully consider using at least a portion of their stimulus funds to “pay it forward.” We are working to prioritize a list of our school families who have contacted us and we know would benefit from gifts to support remaining tuition/fees for this school year, or to help cover registration costs for next school year. There are families who want to continue to be a part of the Lutheran High School family, but are having to make difficult economic decisions through no fault of their own. 

Please help us support these families in need so they don’t have to be stressed about educational costs during this time. 

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of a one-time gift to support families in need. To make a gift you can either send a check to the school and inside the memo put Family Support, or go to the school’s website and make a donation there along with intended use of funds. 

Blessings and health to each of you, 

Mr. Maynard