Andrew Schuetze

Andrew earned his BA in Chemistry from UT Arlington with a minor in Education.  He earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Education from UTSA and has completed coursework for a doctorate as well.  He has vast experience with many science and technology programs and is one of the area organizers for the FIRST robotics programs.

One of his passions is to inspire students to the many wonders in science and technology and potentially pursue career choices that they may not have considered.  In particular he seeks to increase the number of women and other under-represented groups in STEM to consider STEM careers.  The all-girls robotics team here at Lutheran HS is the most visible vehicle in that effort.

Andrew is the son of Lutheran school teachers Gail and Howard Schuetze.  His mother is a graduate of Concordia University Chicago and taught early childhood grades in schools in St. Paul Mc Allen, Texas and St. Paul here in San Antonio.  His father attended Concordia High School in Austin and then Concordia University Texas when it was just a junior college.  He completed his degree at Concordia University Nebraska. He obtained a master’s degree from Concordia University Chicago.  He taught in Spring, Texas before serving as principal in McAllen where he and Gail met and got married.  Andrew’s parents were highly involved church workers with organ and choir director duties along with many other service works.  They retired from teaching while finishing their careers in public education.

Andrew is married to Gloria Schuetze who is a retired second career educator in the public schools with a special education background.  She did many things seen and unseen to support students in need in her room and still maintains mentor relationships with former students.  She is also a passionate robotics coach and key volunteer with FIRST.

Andrew and Gloria have two sons, both of whom graduated from UT Arlington.  The oldest is Nicholas who works in the area as a computer programmer.  The youngest is Stewart who is married to a fellow Architect.  Stewart is pursuing a master’s degree in construction management.  They both participated in a variety of robotics competitions and rocketry from middle through high school and continue to volunteer for such events.